About Munkebo Microbrewery

The brewhouse Munkebo Microbrewery is located on the Danish island of Funen, in a former grain drying mill, built in 1962. The brewery was founded in late 2013 and produces 30.000 liters of beer, per month, in different European breweries. We sell our beer in countries such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Baltic countries, Spain – and going into the USA.

Our brewey is situated in the countryside but just 15 minutes away from Odense, the major town of our island which is the home of about 470.000 people. .

Around the brewery, on our field of 3000 sq metres, we grow hops which are local varieties that we found in the old forests and hedges on our island of Funen  We found hops with aromas of orange, citrus and pine.

We have the possibility for growing our own barley, own hops and the water is a local well.. Our local town Munkebo which today is famous for ship yards and production of wind mills was originally a Viking settlement, located between two fiords.

A  Viking King used to live at Munkebo Hill, around year 900 AD. He had his castle between the two fiords of Kerteminde and Odense and could control a large area. When he died he was  set to rest in his Viking ship. Luckily, in 1936 the burial ship was uncovered and is now exhibited at the Viking Museum in Ladby. In May 2016, a 100% copy was finished by local shipbuilders and enthusiasts and embarked on its first tour in the local waters. Our brewmaster was one of 10 men dragging the ship from the shipyard to the fiord – a Viking tradition dating back to the ancient customs of the Viking era  in Scandinavian history.

Our Brewmaster

Our founding family has always been brewing beer in the small farms of our island, and their knowledge of the art of brewing beer was passed down from mother to daughter for generations. However, around 1950  the family yeast was lost..

To recreate the family farmhouse ale, our brewmaster  who has a PhD in Health Science, isolated different strains of brewing yeast from local bees, and one of them was a perfect match in character and aroma.  So the genuine beer from the old farms, lives again.

Our vision and goal is to focus on beer, where yeast creates delicious aromatic ales and define the character of our ales. However, we also brew different styles like Scotch ales, Weißbier or very hoppy American ales.

Our Brewmaster was educated with a master degree in biology and a PhD in Health Science from the University of Copenhagen before he started the present family brewery, This means that areas like protein chemistry, cell biology and molecular biology add to his appliance of the original family brewing lore.. After refiining his skills within Sales and Marketing, he worked as a brewmaster in Denmark and as a head brewmaster in the German alps.

Our brew master is married and has three children so the next generation is getting ready to maybe one day take over the family business.

Awards and Timeline

In 2014, Munkebo Microbrewery won two medals at the European Beer Star and in 2015, Munkebo Microbrewery was voted “Best National Brewery of 2014” and was awarded “Best National Novelty Beer of 2014” with Alstærk Bourbon. In 2015 Munkebo Microbewery was awarded the Innovation price of the year by Kerteminde Business Association for its research in local raw materials and history. Recently, in March 2017, Kerteminde Microbrewery has won a Silver Medal at the Barcelona  Beer Festival for its Alstærk, Strong Scotch Ale.

Munkebo Mikrobryg:

  • Founded: 2013, by Dr. Claus Christensen
  • Education: Biologist from the University of Copenhagen. A PhD in Health Science.
  • Worked as a Scientist and Brewmaster in Denmark and Brewmaster in Germany.

Awards and Timeline:

  • 2014 Best Novelty Beer, over 6%, Danish Beer Enthusiast.
  • 2014 National Brewery of the Year, over 6%, Alstærk Bourbon, Danish Beer Enthusiast.
  • 2014 Bronze, European Beer Star, Schwazbier, Udgårdsloke
  • 2014 Bronze, European Beer Star, Scotch Strong Ale, Alstærk
  • 2015 Gold Medal, Craft Beer Awards, DE, Russian Imperial Stout, Ægir.
  • 2015 Isolated a unique Danish native yeast from a local bee, using only old school technology, available in the 1800.
  • 2015 Developed a new Danish beer style, Hjemstavn – Danish Ale 5.0%.
  • 2015 Article in Brauwelt.
  • 2015 Awarded with The Innovation Price, Kerteminde Businesses Association.
  • 2015 Nominated Best Novelty Beer, under 6%, Danish Beer Enthusiast.
  • 2016 Developed a new Danish beer style, Hjemstavn – Danish Strong Ale, 10%
  • 2017 Silver Medal, Barcelona Beer Festival. Alstærk. Strong Scotch Ale. 9.4 %


Alstærk, 9.4%                               Strong Scotch Ale, Bronze from European Beer Star 2014 and Silver Medal from Barcelona Beer Festival            

Alstærk Bourbon, 9.4%                Strong Scotch Ale,  National Best beer 2014                                      

Balder, 7.6%                                Mexican Agave, American  IPA, Gluten Free                                      

Folkvang, 5.0%                             Bavarian Weißbier                                                                              

Glejpner, 9.4%                              Imperial Black IPA                                          

Hjemstavn, 5.0%                          Danish Ale                                                                                            

Hjemstavn, 10.0%                          Strong Danish Ale                                                                          

Högni, 0.0%                                  American Pale Ale, Gluten and Alcohol Free                                     

Viking King, 6.5%                         Porter, with oak from vikingship                                                         

Revningekvindens bryg, 4.6%     See Buckthorn Pilsner                                                                          

Svadilfare, 6.0%                           Salt Liquorice Porter, Gluten Free                                                       

Udgårdsloke, 5.2%                       Black Pilsner, Bronze, Bronze from European Beer Star 2014          

Valhal, 6.0%                                American Pale Ale                                                                               

Ægir, 9.4%                                 Russian Imperial Stout, Gold Craft Beer Awards 2015                        

Jolner, christmas, 5.1%                Belgian Christmas Wheat                                                                    

Munin, christmas, 9.5%               Belgian Christmas Quadrupel                                                             

Ulvrun, christmas, 9.0%               Belgian Dark Strong Christmas Ale                                                    


Our Beer

Alstærk, 9.4%                               Strong Scotch Ale, Bronze from European Beer Star 2014               

Scotch Wee Heavy brewed with different darks malts, highlights a complex malt flavor. Strong Scotch Ale is a strong ale which was traditionally brewed in Edinburgh in the 19th century and became better known as Wee Heavy. Won a Bronze medal at European Beer Star, which is considered to be the second hardest conception in World.

About the name:

A giant named Mundilfari had two beautiful and brilliant children. Son, he called Moon and the daughter he called Sol. The gods saw this and thought it was ostentation and expression of pride, why they as punishment put the two children to control the cart with the moon and the sun. The horses pulling wagon Sols called Alstærk and Vigilant. They are chased by the wolf Skoll, who will one day swallow the sun.


Alstærk Bourbon, 9.4%                Strong Scotch Ale,  National Best beer 2014                                       

Scotch Wee Heavy aged with American oak and Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey. Like the original Alstærk, this strong Scotch ales is brewed with seven different carefully selected dark malts as well as a low content of bitter hops which highlights the complex malt background. Aged in American oak with a specially selected Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, this Alstærk Bourbon got even more complex. Winner of: “Best National Novelty Beer of 2014”.

About the name:

A giant named Mundilfari had two beautiful and brilliant children. Son, he called Moon and the daughter he called Sol. The gods saw this and thought it was ostentation and expression of pride, why they as punishment put the two children to control the cart with the moon and the sun. The horses pulling wagon Sols called Alstærk and Vigilant. They are chased by the wolf Skoll, who will one day swallow the sun.


Balder, 7.6%                                 Mexican Agave, American  IPA, Gluten Free                                      

American IPA with syrup from Mexican agave. Bone dry malt profile, which leaves room for plenty of fresh American hops. Dry hopped with lots of Cascade and Simcoe gives superb aroma. The beer is flavored with syrup from the Mexican agave plant which is also used to produce tequila. Gluten is removed with the latest enzyme biotechnology. perfect for meat dishes or just to enjoy.

About the name:

Balder is the loveliest and gentlest of all the gods. He is the god of light, travelers and the seasons. Balder died when Loki lured the blind god Hod, to shoot at him with a mistletoe arrow and therefore the grave.


Folkvang, 5.0%                             Bavarian Weißbier                                                                              

Weißbier is a Bavarian beer, where a significant part of the malt is wheat and tradition goes way back in the Bavarian brewing history. In northern Germany, is better known as hefeweizen. The style is especially known for its low hop bitterness and relatively high carbon dioxide, which is important to balance the beer’s malt sweetness and a firm, creamy and long-lasting foam. The fermented by a specially selected yeast as at the higher fermentation temperatures provide fine notes of clove and banana. A wonderful beer should be enjoyed in a large glass to let the scents and aroma come forward and fill the glass.

About the name:

Freja is one of the most important goddesses of Norse mythology. She is the goddess of fertility and the most beautiful of all the goddesses. She often drive in a carriage pulled by big cats and lives in one of the largest farms in Asgard called Folkvang and owns the necklace Brisingamen.


Glejpner, 9.4%                              Imperial Black IPA                                                                               

The best bitter and aroma hops from America and flavored with dark malts, very hoppy beer. A new beer styles from the North American continent. Dark as a porter and extreme hoppy, more than a IPA. Called a Cascadian dark ale or a Black IPA. The taste is a mix of hops notes that, resin, pine, citrus, balanced against dark malts that give roasted and mild coffee notes. With carefully selected powerful hop varieties from the America, we added dark malts to archives a delicious balance of hops and malt.

About the name:

Fenris wolf is tied with chain gleipnir in a cave in Jotunheim. The chain is forged by fish breathe birds’ saliva, bear’s sinews and roots of the mountains, noise from cat feet and woman’s beard. It is magical and not even the great and mighty Fenris wolf can tear it up. For Armageddon will an earthquake let the wolf loose and will fight against Odin and eventually kill the mighty-father.




Hjemstavn, 5.0%                          Danish Ale                                                                                            

A Danish Farmhouse Ale. The tradition goes way back to our brewmasters old family traditions, passed down from mother to daughter, in generations. His family were from the small farms of Fynen, were they brewed this beer, for guests and own consumption. There is no more production of this beer any more. The style is considered dead. Our brewmasters grandmother was the last in the family to brew this beer. However, we wanted to brew the family beer again and start to look for the unique brewing yeast of Fynen.

Our brewmaster which is Ph.D in Health Science, used the very old scientific methods from the 1800th, to isolated our own brewer’s yeast from the surface of a small local bee. The bee collected some of the first pollen and yeasts from the micro flora around our brewery in March 2015. We selected and isolated a yeast strain with notes of peach and apricot and brewed a Danish Farmhouse Ale, with respect for the old brewing traditions. This unique yeast have the same taste profile, as our brewmasters family recipe and Danish Farmhouse Ales lives once again. We are proud to continue the tradition and craftsmanship which has been passed on from generation to generation with respect for our brewmasters family

About the name:

“Hjemstavn” means the place from where, you family comes, where you feel at home.


Hjemstavn, 10.0%                          Strong Danish Ale                                                                                

A new Danish style. Brewed with a yeast strain we have found on a local bee. A bee which has been on tour around our brewery, and collected the local microflora from flower to flower. Our brewmaster (PhD) used the old biological technologies from the 1800, and isolated our own brewer’s yeast. We have selected and isolated a yeast strain, which smells and tastes of peach and apricot, and brewed Strong Danish Ale, where the yeast has been allowed to ferment wildly as he pleases at 24C, to equal one English Barley Wine or Scottish Strong ale or a strong Belgium beer, just unique, in our own way.

It has an aroma that you only find in the finest and most coveted Belgian brew and let it unfold in our glass, warm it up and let the beer, seduce you.

About the name:

“Hjemstavn” means the place from where, you family comes, where you feel at home.



Högni, 0.0%                                  American Pale Ale, Gluten and Alcohol Free                                    

American pale (APA) ales are generally with significant quantities of American hops such as cascade, nugget or simcoe. American brewed pale ales tend to use a cleaner yeast, with a lighter malt background, that distinguish an APA from British or European pale ales (EPA). This version is with a bit more malt background to compensate, since this beer 100% alcohol free. This beer is also Gluten Free.

About the name:

Freya is a goddess associated with love, sex, beauty and fertility. Freya had a cat-drawn wagon where one of two is called Högni.


Viking King, 6.5%                         Porter, with oak from viking ship                                                        

Porter is a dark top-fermented beer which has its origins in 1600s London. The name “porter” comes from the English word for “porters”, as the porter was cheaper than other beers available at the time and was therefore very popular among London porters and dockers. This powerful porter is brewed with lots of dark malts, which provides concierge its dark brown color and deep intense flavor. The dark roasted malts gives a nice aftertaste of chocolate and coffee. The beer was brewed in collaboration with Ladby Viking Museum, which in May 2016, finished a copy of Ladbyskibet. Viking king beer contains oats, which were also found in old viking ship. The beer is matured with toasted oak chips from shipsbuilding, which gives a wonderful aftertaste of vanilla and toasted Viking ship. This beer was used to baptize the ship, to the name of Ladby Dragon.

About the name:

Ladby Dragon is Denmark’s only Viking ship burial. Here’s a Viking king buried in his ship shortly after 900 AD and got plenty of burial gifts. The ship was rediscovered in 1935 and has since 1937 been at the museum – now Ladby. The museum just finished a 100% copy of the approximately 21.5 m long and 3 m wide ship.


Ragnarok, 6.5%                            Brettanomyces Porter

This Strong English Porter is brewed with lots of dark malts which gives the porter its dark brown color and deep intense flavor. The dark roasted malts provide a nice aftertaste of chocolate and coffee. An authentic porter from the time at a British ports pub in the 1800s, way before yeast was cultivated and purified. Fermented with a unique blend of ale yeasts in addition to with various wild brettanomyces yeast strains and fermented slightly warmer to mimic an old-fashioned fermentation in open vats. Together, they provide a wonderful taste with an aroma of stables, horse and leather. The aroma from the unique blend of different types of yeast, become more dominant as the beer warms up and fills the glass with scents of stable and leather.

About the name:

Ragnarok is the last war, were gods and jötnars go to war and the world ends, as we know it. The word means: ”fate of the gods” and most gods and jötnars will die in the last and decisive battle. The few who survive, will together build a new and better world. Ragnarok is initiated by a series of natural disasters, which culminates in a Fimbul winter, which will last for three years


Revningekvindens bryg, 4.6%     See Buckthorn Pilsner                                                                          

Smooth Pilsner with sea buckthorn berries, brewed to the local viking museum, Revningekvinden is a unique small 3D figure from 800 AD found a few kilometers from our brewery. The figure could represent Freja, who is the goddess of love. Perfect for dinner or a light meal.

About the name:

Revningekvinden is a genuine sensation that puts a face and body on the Vikings. We brewed Revningekvindens brew as a light lager and added berries from Sea Buckthorn which leaves a fruity taste of summer. Sea buckthorn grows naturally in the area, and is also known from the Viking Age.


Svadilfare, 6.0%                           Salt Liquorice Porter, Gluten Free                                                      

Brewed with dark malts and salt liquorices. The gluten proteins are broken down with the newest enzyme technology, to a Gluten Free beer.  This light porter is brewed with lots of dark malts, which provides its dark brown color and deep intense flavor. The dark roasted malts gives a nice aftertaste of chocolate and coffee. The aroma is soft Liquorice and the taste, are darks malts, with a smooth Liquorice aftertaste.

About the name:

Svadlifare is a stallion that fathered the eight-legged horse Sleipner. Svadlifare was owned by the disguised and unnamed jötnar who built the walls of Asgard.


Udgårdsloke, 5.2%                       Black Pilsner, Bronze, Bronze from European Beer Star 2014           

Black lager is a bottom-fermented beer which is stored cold in the storage tank for several weeks to give the perfect crisp aftertaste. It has a beautiful black color from the use of dark malts giving it a nice taste of chocolate and coffee. It is medium bodied, dark beer with a firm, creamy and long-lasting foam. The origin of the black lager is located in Germany between Thuringia and Saxony. The oldest known Schwarzbier is Braunschweiger Mumme which has been brewed since the middle ages. The eastern part of Germany has many unique brands of this style from local brewhouse. Served cool at 5-7 degrees Celsius, (41-44°F) and enjoyed as an easy-drinking lager with a good aroma of coffee and chocolate. Winner of a bronze medal in European Beer Star 2014

About the name:

Udgårdsloke is king of the jötnars and has knowledge of rune magic. He is so grim that even Thor has a certain fear of him. He lives on a large farm, which he he can move around using rune magic. He is afraid that Thor would come and take revenge for the time he steals Thor’s hammer and Thor had to dress up in wedding dress to get it back.

Valhal, 6.0%                                 American Pale Ale                                                                               

Singel hop Comet pale ale brewed in an experiment Comet hops which gives a delicious aroma and taste of bitterness, pine forests and citrus. Brewed as an American Pale Ale with a bright and light malt background and fermented with an American yeast at a temperature which allows light fruit esters during fermentation as balance for hops and malt.

About the name:

The beer is called Valhal as Odin’s royal castle of Asgard and has a roof of golden shields. The fallen dead warriors come here and have to fight for Odin in Ragnarok.


Ægir, 9.4%                                    Russian Imperial Stout, Gold Craft Beer Awards 2015                       

A stout is a dark beer with lots of dark malts and a good portion of roasted barley malt that forms the background to a Russian Imperial Stout. It was developed by the British breweries in 1800 to the Russian court and the Tsar. Carefully selected dark malts along with fermentation temperature gives the taste and aroma of plum, raisins and chocolate. With a perfect rounding of hops. Fermented at a temperature that allows the yeast form fruit esters that give a soft balance between the dark malts and hops.

About the name:

Aegir is a see jötnar and king of the sea. According to the Danish interpretation, he lives on the island Læsø along the sea goddess Ran. Aegir often feast with the others gods and it was at one of those that Loki in anger insulted all the gods. For the Vikings, the sea was the way to trade, gold and land, perhaps that’s why Aegir linked to wealth.


Jolner, Christmas, 5.1%                Belgian Christmas Wheat                                                                    

A mild Belgian inspired Christmas wheat. Brewed liberally with Belgian malts and freshly cultivated Belgian yeast. The elves living in the old brewery has test power and approved brewed which makes it possible with a glass Jólner comes in the perfect Christmas atmosphere. Brewed with only a little hop and lots of wheat, so it appears nice and unfiltered with a firm and durable foam. A really beautiful beer should be enjoyed in large round glasses, served at 5-7 degrees Celsius. The smell of spices as chamomile, orange and coriander stand out while drinking in July

About the name:

The Norwegian word “jól” is testimony to that in Scandinavia the Vikings had a festive period in which they drank and partied to celebrate that it went towards brighter times again. “Drinking Christmas” was Viking well into the 1500s the fixed expression to celebrate July It proposed the toast toast to the gods: Njord, Frey and Odin, who had been nicknamed Jólner which could get one a good and fruitful New Year


Munin, Christmas, 9.5%               Belgian Christmas Quadrupel                                                             

Inspired by Trappist breweries in Belgium, is a Quadrupel is a Belgian style ale of great strength with bolder flavor compared to the Dubbel and Tripel styles. A Quadrupel is characterized by a high content of the alcohol and well-balanced aroma, bitterness and aroma. Its color can be from amber to chestnut brown. Often characterized is a dense foam head. Complex fruity aromas and flavors reminiscent of raisins, dates, figs, grapes, plums often accompanied with a hint of vinkarakter. Caramel, dark sugar and malty sweet taste and aroma can be intense.

About the name:

Hugin and Munin is in Norse mythology Odin’s two ravens, each day brings news from the world. The two ravens flew every morning out in the world and every evening they returned – sat on Odin’s shoulders and told him what had happened in the Nordic world – both gods and men. Munin means he commemorating. The bird that remembers longer than normal.


Ulvrun, Christmas, 9.0%              Belgian Dark Strong Christmas Ale                                                      

A Belgian Dark Strong Christman Ale, brewed with genuine yeast from an old belgian monsteray. The aromas are plums, raisins, orange and liquorices. Complex, with a rich malty sweetness, significant esters and alcohol. The malt is rich and strong with a caramel, toast/bready aroma. The fruity esters are strong and contain raisin, plum, fig and prune notes. Spicy phenols are giving a peppery quality together with the aroma from lots of Christmas species, such as: fennel, dianthus, coriander and orange.

About the name:

The poem Hyndluljóð  referres to Heimdal’s birth and the names of his mothers are mentioned, where Ulvrun is one of nine mothers.



Please mail to info @ munkebo-mikrobryg.dk for information about sales in your country or contact.

Claus Christensen, PhD
Munkebo Microbrewery