Munkebo Yeast

20170604_141205Our brewmaster comes from a family where the brewing traditions were been inherited through generations from mother to daughter, and the family yeast, was likewise passed down. But in the 1800 an English Duke invented how to concentrate yeast in blocks, and the traditions in Denmark slowly began to use this yeast instead. This is much easier than maintain living yeast. The old family yeast strains, used around the small farms did not maintained the brewing yeast anymore and the Old Danish yeast, all died out in Denmark around 1950.

20150424_085105 (1)Our brewmaster is a graduate PhD researcher from the University of Copenhagen and has recovered the Danish yeast on the surface of local beers from the Kerteminde / Munkebo area. Using only ancient techniques from 1850, from the time of Louis Pasteur, he isolated 4 different yeast strains, which all can be used for beer brewing. One of the isolated yeasts was indeed with the same flavor and aroma as his family’s original yeast, verified by older men, which can remember the beer, brewed in the old days.

The yeast strains DNA sequence, were tested by Associate Professor Nils Arneborg (+45 35333266,, University of Copenhagen and all 4 strains were verified to be Saccharomyces cerevisiae, standard brewing yeast. As can be seen in a mail, from Associate Professor Nils Arneborg

CooLAB101 profile: banana, Sequence data can be verified here
CooLAB102 profile: raspberry and cherrystones, Sequence data can be verified here
CooLAB103 profile: banana, green apple, Sequence data can be verified here
CooLAB104 profile: peach and apricot, Sequence data can be verified here

Honey Beer Yeast samples can 20151203_110113be bought in our Bottle shop, or by sending 40 dkk per yeast sample, to Mobilepay: 88087, together with a shipping fee of 35 dkk.

They will come in 50 ml medie, to further propagation.

Also, send a mail to office @ with info about which and how many yeast samples, name, mobile, and shipping address, and the amount of dkk, transferer using Mobilepay.

For commercial use, yeast origin must appear on label.