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Claus Christensen
Founder, Doctor of Philosophy, PhD

claus @
mobil: 0045 50667005
Skype: Munkebo 75








Marie-Louise Pulawska Legh-Smith
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mobil: 0045 26 48 12 31

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Thomas Bjerregaard Bonde
Art Director


CV of our Founder, Claus Christensen:

Academic Education

Copenhagen University
Degree: Candidatus scientiarum, Cand.scient
Field Of Study: Biology
Graduation time, 1998 – 2005
Contact: Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, +45 35332828,

Copenhagen University
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy, PhD
Field Of Study: Health Science, Area: Protein chemistry, Cell biology, Molecular biology
Graduation time, 2006 – 2011
Contact: Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, +45 35326777,


Position:  Military Royal Guard
Company Name: Kingdom of Denmark
Employed: Mar 1994 – Mar 1995, Corporal of Reserve, Mar 1995 – Mar 1999
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Job description: Black Barrett, front line foot soldier, guarding the royal crown jewels at Rosenborg Castle, the Danish parliament at Christansborg Castle, the royal sommer resistens at Fredensborg Castle and the Defense Intelligence Service at Kastellet and the royal family at Amalienborg Castle. As Corporal, trained with new recruits.
Contact: Defence Command Denmark  : +45 7284 0000,

Position: Research Assistant
Company Name: Enkam Pharmaceuticals
Employed: May 2005 – May 2006
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Job description:  ENKAM Pharmaceuticals is biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of peptides for the treatment of CNS disorders and cancer and for stem cell applications. Worked in the area of testing peptides with Biacore technology, for the study of live kinetics of protein-protein interaction.
Contact: Morten Albrechtsen, +45 39179715

Position: Head of Sales, Development and Customer Service
Company Name: Ampliqon
Employed: Feb 2011 – Mar 2012
Location: Odense, Denmark
Job description: Worked in the area of development of new products for the recombinants polymerase chain reaction enzymes, took care of production and technicians, sales in Denmark and Export and customers service for the production line.
Contact: Ampliqon, +45 70201169,

Position: Brewer
Company Name: Midfyns Bryghus
Employed: Mar 2012 – Dec 2012
Location: Fyn, Denmark
Job description: Removed the brewing error of diacetyl in the production of beer, after the first 3 weeks, developed new recipes, improved the general quality, the brewery won 3 medals at World Beer Adwards in 2012. I gave my resignation letter for this job in november 2012.
Contact: Eddie Szweda, +45 25408880,

Position: Brewmaster
Company Name: Camba Bavaria
Employed: Jan 2013 – July 2013
Location: Truchtlaching, Bayern, Germany
Job description: Developed new recipes, one new beer per week, educated the team in English and beer taste and aroma, make sure the brewery was keep clean and in perfect working order, educated potential customers in the brewing system, improved the documentation of quality control and optimized all brewing recipes and began the optimization of the programming of brewing computer parameters.
Contact: Geschäftsführung Markus  Lohner, +49 8624 40 73-347,

Position: Founder, Brewmaster
Company Name: Munkebo Mikrobryg
Employed: July 2013 – Present  Employment
Location: Munkebo, Denmark
Job description: Founded the brewery in 2013. Responsible of production of beer, development of new recipes, export sales, beer tastings, warehouse, quality control, documentation of quality control, design of beers, daily management and future development. Isolated brewing yeast from a local bee, located local hop to grow in the breweries hop field and restored the family Yeast Ring. The brewery won 2 medals at European Beer Star in 2014, awarded “National Best Brewery” in 2014, awarded “National Best Novelty Beer” in 2014, medal in Craft Beer Awards in 2015, awarded with the year “Innovation price” in 2015, medal in Barcelona Beer Challenge in 2017.
Contact: +45 50509204,